Let’s skip the whole digging through files and shoe boxes of receipts, shall we? No matter what you’re currently doing (or not doing) we’ll recommend services that meet you where you are.

Outsourced accounting solutions tailored to your firm


Accounting System Setup

Who this is for

Do your books yourself?

Still using excel for the books?

Don’t keep up with the books at all?

What it includes

First thing’s first, you’ll need your books to exist and be up to date. You’ll also want them in a proper accounting software and communicating with other software you may be using like case management software, time and billing software, and payroll software. No matter what condition your books are in, or which software you’re currently using, we’ll get you up and running with an accounting platform that is tailored to your firm.


With a fully integrated accounting system you’ll be able to confidently pull financial reports each month to keep tabs on your financial positioning. We’ll make sure you understand what needs to be done in order to keep up with your newly polished set of books if you choose to keep the books in house.


Basic Monthly Accounting

Who this is for

Books up to date already?

Just looking to have someone else take them over?

Considering a change in accounting provider?

What it includes

No more hassling with monthly accounting checklists, reconciling accounts, and chasing down that .02 cent discrepancy. Leave it to us! We’ll make sure your books stay up to date, accurate, and useful every month. We can also assist with accounts payable and receivable, and some software integrations to ensure your financial data is consistent and comprehensive. We’ll make sure your tax obligations are taken care of from payroll taxes, estimated taxes, and annual tax returns. The biggest benefit is monthly financials that help you understand the financial health and direction of your firm. You cannot measure what you cannot see. We help paint the picture.


We’ll make sure you have a well maintained, fine tuned, well-oiled accounting system that produces valuable financial tools that you actually understand so that you can focus on making decisions that will increase profits and help you grow while doing what you love doing.

Advanced Financial Strategy

Who this is for

Current clients who have fully functioning accounting systems which have been maintained by Core Solutions Group, Inc. for no less than 3 months -OR- firms looking for outsourced CFO services.

What it includes

In addition to keeping a great set of books that produce insightful monthly reports, there’s an even bigger picture when it comes to your business. You didn’t start your own firm to work more, make less, and end up with nothing to show for it. But in order to operate differently you’re going to need financial strategy. When you start planning for your financial future you level up in a way that 80% of other owners are not. Once we have become familiar with your monthly accounting and your firm, we can move into proactively analyzing your numbers and implementing financial strategy. Some functions included are budgeting, forecasting projections, forecasting financial scenarios, proactive tax strategy and planning, and systematizing your firms operations.


Work smarter not harder. Financial strategy means knowing which practice areas are more profitable and capitalizing on that insight through proactive planning. We’ll help you uncover key financial formulas in your firm and show you financial scenarios based on your firms growth plans. Business is always evolving, so should your financial strategy.

Our Process:

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Step #1.

Evaluate where you’re at and get the books in order and up to date.

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Step #2.

We discuss where you want to take your practice and what that translates to in numbers.

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Step #3.

Create a financial strategy that will take you from where your at to where you want to go.