The #1 Book Every Law Firm Owner Needs to Read

If you’ve never read The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber that’s okay, because I’ll save you some time - don't. Go straight to The E-Myth Attorney by Michael E. Gerber. 

The E-Myth Attorney looks at your law firm and breaks it down into three levels which are distinguished by your mindset.  Simply, and I mean very simply put, you have three phases of your law firm business.

The first phase: the Bread Winner

The first phase of your law business is the Bread Winner – the doer, the worker, the dough maker, working round the clock to get your law business off the ground, taking any case you can get your hands on.

The second phase: the Manager

The second phase of your law business is the Manager – the master of delegation and time/resource efficiency. You hire a paralegal, a secretary, and you start working smarter, not harder. This is where a lot of law firm owners get stuck - they spend most of their time working IN their law business, not ON it.

The third phase: the Entrepreneur

The third phase of your law business is the Entrepreneur – the master of process & system creation, with an acute understanding of exactly who they are serving in their business(s). This is the goal -to have your law firm run as a separate entity apart from and without you. You shouldn’t have to be in the office 24/7 to make sure things are being done correctly: your firm should be a well-oiled machine.

Getting to the Entrepreneur level

Once you've conquered law school,  you became part of an elite few who are privileged to practice law and hold the power to instill change in our great country. You’ve spent years learning your craft and it’s a noble and revered profession. But if you choose the route of owning your own firm you now have another degree to earn if you want to create success and long-term wealth. You don’t want to be an employee for the “craziest person alive” (yourself) as Michael Gerber would say. You want to build a firm that stands strong and steady even when you’re in Hawaii (if you need some good places to sightsee there, let me know!).

The knowledge and insight contained in this book will serve as one of the most valuable tools in your library of successful business ownership.

The E-Myth Attorney highlights a husband and wife duo taking on the beast that is law firm ownership. They struggled to make it to the next level until they found the E-Myth. The decision to apply the principals was what set these two struggling business owners on a different path. Since then they have successfully scaled the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys.

They’ve done the hard work of figuring out exactly how to apply the book's principles to their law firm, and in this book, they lay out HOW they did that as a way to give back to the keepers of the law who also chose the path of entrepreneurship.

Have you ever heard the saying, "there are no shortcuts?" Well, not true in this case. This book is an absolute shortcut that you should take advantage of to grow your business!

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The number one book every law firm owner needs to read: e-myth attorney by michael gerber.png