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We have the expertise to make your financial positioning easier to see and understand, and the personality to make it enjoyable. Core Solutions Group, Inc. was built on innovative accounting practices that get results not reactions. We choose to help lawyers because we believe they can make a difference in peoples lives and the world. That’s a huge burden to bear and numbers are one of the pillars that can help stabilize that burden and allow lawyers to focus on practicing their craft and impacting lives.


Chelsea M. Williams is the woman behind Core Solutions Group. With over a decade of accounting experience, affording her the unique opportunity to observe hundreds of businesses, she has the knowledge to not just get your financial house order, but set it up for long term sustainability.

Member of the local  Chamber of Commerce

Member of the local Chamber of Commerce

Contributor to Solo Practice University ©

Contributor to Solo Practice University ©

Perusing her personal passion and mission of teaching financial literacy internationally.

Perusing her personal passion and mission of teaching financial literacy internationally.

Follower of Legal Podcasts like  The Lean Law Firm  and  Legal Talk Network .

Follower of Legal Podcasts like The Lean Law Firm and Legal Talk Network.

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The day I met the lawyer who changed my life, my husband and I were seeking legal services and landed with a local firm located in historic downtown. As I walked up to the door I was excited to see the inside of his office (I’m a lover of old and historic buildings). This particular building was one featured on an Abraham Lincoln tour hosted by the city. As I turned the knob to open the door I almost held my breath with excitement.

What I saw next would catch me completely off guard.

The first thing I observed were piles. Piles of boxes stacked from the ceiling to the floor. They were everywhere the eye could see. The second thing I observed was the lone receptionist/office manager sitting amidst stacks of papers at an old metal framed desk. She wore a look of overwhelm as she greeted us.

As we met with this lawyer, he seemed bored with our questions as if he had been doing this so long and had lost any spark or excitement about practicing his craft. Sensing the overwhelming stench of “hurry up and get this done”, my husband and I signaled to each other that it was time to head out and keep looking.

We stood back at the front desk getting ready to check out when I consciously took another moment to try and appreciate the beauty of this historic building. I took a deep breath and smelled the history. Some of you know what I’m talking about. The smell only an old house or building can give. He even had a gorgeous old hutch off against a wall that would have been such a statement had it not been covered in boxes and papers.

Mr. Lawyer walked into the front area and turned for the stairs, headed to what I can only imagine was another floor of boxes and papers. Before he got too far I stopped him and asked him how long he had been in this building. “30 years” he responded. I then asked, “well you ought to be about ready to hang up your hat and retire, huh?” It was as if the defeat pulled his body down when he lowered his head and shrunk his shoulders. “Oh no, I’ll die at my desk” he said in a sarcastic manner.

It was at that moment that I realized what I was really trying to do for my clients. This was bigger than their law business, this is about their time and happiness and the ability to retire when and how they want.

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I fuel my number-crunching with a ton of java - fave order? Flavored cream with a splash of coffee.

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I love track & field and get to live that out through coaching for my kids school team!

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A lot of my peers dropped out of the accounting program. A numbers nerd, my first accounting teacher become one of my first mentors.

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When I’m not poring over my clients’ books, I’m running way too many miles around the neighborhood. (Why do we runners do all that running!?)


The first step to working with us and getting on the road to organized  finances and financial freedom is to book a free consultation call. We get to learn a little about your firm, answer any questions you have, and chat about our packages and pricing.