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Our clients trust us with their financial futures - for good reason.

When someone hires us to take over their books and financial future, we don’t take this responsibility lightly. Our passion lies in helping law firm owners create a business that will serve not only others, but when all is said and done, serve themselves and their families.

Your courage to take the entrepreneurial leap is what creates jobs and changes lives.

Chelsea understands the accounting landscape, life, and human behavior. I’ve never met another financial professional who could take the dreams I have for my businesses and my life and help me make them into a viable and profitable reality. She is not the usual accounting department of “no” or just a theoretician. She’s also not going to tell you “it’s all good” when it doesn’t actually pencil out. What she will do is work to understand you, your vision, your quirks, and your business. Then she’ll work with you to come up with a plan of action and then help you stay accountable to your dreams.
— Client Shannon

Chelsea is incredible! We owe our success to Chelsea and Core Solutions Group. Seriously, she has been our business coach, accountant, counselor, accountability coach, mastermind, you name it. I can’t express how grateful and lucky we are to have met Chelsea. We wanted to grow and increase profits and we were too involved to come up with fresh ideas and think outside of the box like Chelsea. She stays on top of all the modern seminars, educational books, programs, and success formulas and brings that knowledge to the table to implement it in our business. I could go on and on. I will forever be a loyal client of Core Solutions Group!
— Client Tom

Chelsea is not just a accountant, business advisor, coach, personal cheerleader but a genuine person who pushes her clients to their fullest potential! I can’t thank her enough for continually growing me as a business entrepreneur but as a individual as well! Highly recommend her!
— Client Sarah